The suncatcher is a way of creating visual harmony and balance in your interior.

The many sides of the crystal catch all the colors of the light spectrum and spread them in every direction.

With our Flower of Life and Tree of Life suncatchers, your living space will shine beautifully. You will experience the benefits of sacred geometry symbols and the effects of harmonious colors all around you. Your space will become more calming and peaceful.

Our suncatchers are especially attractive to people who want to harmonize the energies in their home and are looking for meaningful and Feng Shui objects for decoration.

How the Flower Suncatcher Can Clear Away Negative Energies

If you want to get rid of the heavy vibes in your home, hang a Flower of Life or Tree of Life suncatcher on your curtain rod or near a window. The main thing is that the sun’s rays can shine through the prism.

The source of the light we see is the sun, its rays reach us like little carts carrying through space the elements needed for the life and growth of plants, animals and humans.

The sunlight is still pure. Nobody can pollute it.

When it goes through the suncatcher, this radiation is enhanced by the structure of the sacred geometry symbols.

You can also put a tree of life or angel wings suncatcher in your children’s room above their window. It will help to create visual harmony in their space.

Make the Light Shine with the Suncatcher

The ray splits into the 7 colors inside the prism. When sunlight goes through a prism, it separates into 7 colors that are in the rainbow.

Nature always and everywhere teaches us the same truths, but it uses different languages for that, such as movement, form, sound and color.

The language of colors, the chromatic language, has 7 main colors.

Each color has a power, a quality, an intelligence that can bring perfection when united with the human being.

  • The color red energizes.
  • Orange brings introspection.
  • Yellow shines and brings refinement.
  • The green color boosts energies, develops things, brings growth.
  • Blue calms, expands, opens the doors of the infinite.
  • Indigo structures, organizes, brings order and strength that comes from stability.
  • Violet purifies, reveals the essential, what is pure and true, and destroys and consumes all the rest.

The prism is the 7 colors, the 7 chakras, the 7 forces.

Colored light is known to help soothe negative emotions, to bring more joy and optimism, and to balance emotions.

Colors can give you an unexpected support in your daily life. Light is a source of power and richness.

 A suncatcher to bring harmony and calm to your space

Everything matters according to the law of universal harmony. Nothing is insignificant, but everything serves the greater good. Every shape, hue, scent, tone, and intellect has its purpose, its worth, its function. This is a universal law that applies to everything: the law of correspondences, which underlies all the principles of magic.

This law is true and effective. It should not be applied in a rigid or superstitious way, thinking: if I put this thing here or there, I will get this outcome. Of course it works, because solid forms - like furniture, rugs, ornaments, colors… - are nourished and animated by the people who live with them.

Your suncatcher will be a delight for your eyes. By spreading its lovely energy in your space it will help you create a cozy nest in your home.

Beauty is a gateway to the realm of the soul. The body feels this instinctively and tries to expand, refine, and connect with the subtle senses that animate it. It wants to join, assimilate, and unite with the greatness. It knows that by getting closer to the soul it will find the ultimate bliss.

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